Case Study: A Problem with Powder and Bulk Solids

When it comes to batching, weighing, and measuring, accuracy is key. Here is a case study on how an eastern Michigan manufacturer of automotive sealing components and reinforcements worked with APEC to find a more accurate, automated ingredient control system to solve their problems with inaccuracy of both powder and bulk solids.

A Manufacturer’s Problem

Though precision is essential to any operation, this manufacturer had been doing their batching, weighing, and measuring of both powder and bulk solids all manually. Since there is and has always been a high amount of human error associated with doing these processes by hand, this manufacturer became keenly interested in automation. Their goals were to reduce waste, discontinue poor housekeeping, and lower the high labor costs due to these two issues.

APEC’s Solution

The Michigan manufacturer had previously done business with APEC and was pleased with the results so they approached APEC again with an idea for a custom-designed automated ingredient and control system. APEC’s engineers designed exactly what was needed, complete with controls and an operator interface. The automated system and controls included a batching station, a mixing station, and three transfer stations. This solution also provides reports on ingredients, formulas, inventories, and production.

The Final Results

The new system allowed the manufacturer to reduce the undue waste from human error and solve the issues of poor housekeeping. In addition, since the new system no longer requires human intervention, the manufacturing company was able to reassign their personnel to other areas and ultimately reduce labor costs.

The eastern Michigan manufacturer of automotive sealing components and reinforcements was pleased with APEC’s in-house engineering, custom fabrication, and field services, all working together to make the switch from manual processing to automated processing a quick, seamless transition. Our client was very satisfied with these results.

Ingredient Automation and Integrated Batch Control System

At APEC, we understand that your ingredient needs are constantly evolving and that’s exactly why we’ve designed our automation and control system with off-the-shelf industrial PCL components and an open architecture in order to easily allow for future modifications.

Our ingredient automation system allows the control system to measure the proper amount of ingredients into each scale and to ensure the material is transferred to the mixing operation properly.

Inventory is a crucial element of your operation so our barcode scanning and lot tracking always lets you know the ingredients you have on hand as well as keeping track of the products you’ve already produced.

We don’t believe in unnecessary complications, and our BatchBox Control System proves it. In order to save you much time, money, and frustration in your processing, we have designed a system that is easy to use, doesn’t require programming, offers on-screen diagnostics, and uses an efficient operating system. If your system changes down the road, this system can be quickly reprogrammed with new information gathered from a series of simple questions.

Another major benefit of this system is how easily it integrates with different equipment, such as your:

  • Mixer control
  • Liquid meter
  • Speed control
  • Ingredient feeder
  • Inventory management
  • And more

This unique, industry-specific process was designed to be intuitive and easily navigated. Plus, our expert implementation team is dedicated to get you up and running fast.

For more information on APEC’s ingredient automation system or BatchBox control system, contact us today!

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