Liquid Dosing Advantage

Our space saving cabinet is designed with everything needed for applying micro liquids into your continuous flow process. The standard NEMA enclosure can be floor standing, wall mounted or mounted on the optional tote support stand. For convenience and efficiency, our system offers plug and play installation.


Standard Features

  • Overflow/drip pan with proximity switch located in the bottom of the enclosure
  • 5 gallon plastic work tank with removable cover, overflow pipe to the overflow/drip pan, high level and refill proximity switches
  • Pumping components mounted on a common back plane include inlet strainer, flow switch, variable speed metering pump sized for your application, back pressure valve, check valve and pressure gauge
  • Internal light assembly
  • Heated cabinet
  • Exterior refill and discharge liquid NPT fittings for field connection
  • Internal electrical termination
  • All components shop wired and plumbed for easier field installation
  • Shop tested prior to shipment
  • Coriolis liquid flow meter and transmitter mounted to the back plane
  • Plexiglas pane in the enclosure door for viewing the liquid meter transmitter

Optional Features

  • Platform scale for inventory reconciliation or level indication
  • Larger enclosure for adding a second liquid
  • 275 gallon tote and components in an enclosed housing
  • Support stand to accommodate 275 gallon basket style totes
  • Heat blanket for 275 gallon tote when the liquid dosing system is placed in a cold area of your facility
  • Water addition cabinet for enzyme systems
  • Factory wired and plumbed multiple liquid manifold enclosure installed next to your liquid application equipment to mix and introduce multiple liquids into one application connection point

To learn more about our Liquid Dosing System or to request a quote, call us at 616-374-1000 or fill out an online form.