Fabrication Advantage

APEC’s fabrication services brings together a support staff of electrical and mechanical engineers, field service technicians, journeyman welders and fabricators. This team offers custom design coupled with modern equipment and engineering tools to provide quality products in a timely fashion. Our 60,000 sf facility offers complete shipping and receiving capabilities with Class A road access.

Quality Assurance Program

APEC’s extensive quality assurance program involves customer participation, engineering staff and production team leaders to insure our products meet the quality level expected by our customers.

Standard Features

  • Sheet metal, carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and structural fabrication
  • Single or multiple prototypes for research and development

Optional Features (All Models)

  • Explosion proof components
  • 50 hz motors
  • Rhinohyde cover on wear surfaces
  • Electric drive motors
  • Reed style limit switches

Standard Products

Process Equipment


  1. Liquid Application Systems (Mistcoater)
  2. Microingredient Scaling Systems
  3. Scale Hoppers
  4. Powder Feeders
  5. Batch Mixers
  6. Conveyors
  7. Slide Gates


Structural Products

  1. Stairways and Landings
  2. Platforms
  3. Bins and Hoppers
  4. Structural Support Frames


General Fabrication

  1. Heating and Cooling Ductwork
  2. Guarding
  3. Transitions
  4. Control Panels
  5. Prototype Projects


Equipment Capabilities:

Shark Waterjet cutting system

  • 55,000 PSI water cutting stream
  • Environmentally safe and clean
  • Cuts multiple layers of material
  • Provides “ready to weld” edge
  • Cuts multiple types of materials metal, plastic, stone, glass, foam, rubber and ceramics

Cybermation CNC Plasma Burn Table

  • 8’ x 20’ sheet capacity
  • Up to 3/4” material thickness
  • Hypertherm MAX100 torch head
  • AutoCAD compatible

Pittsburg Seamer

  • Handles light gauge sheet metals

175 Ton Press Brake

  • Dual Axis CNC controlled
  • 3/8” thickness x 7’ max length
  • 1/2” thickness x 5’ max length

Hydraulic Sheer

  • 1/4 “ x 10’ carbon steel

Several Initial Pinch Rolls

  • 1/4” x 8’ maximum
  • 3/8” x 5’ maximum

HMI Hydraulic Iron Worker

MIG / TIG Welding

To learn more about our Fabrication Services or to request a quote, call us at 616-374-1000 or fill out an online form.