Horse Feed

A manufacturer lost a large horse breeding customer because of breakage and uniformity problems with texturized feed containing flaked product, grains and pellets with a molasses coating. The customer needed to apply the liquid more uniformly and provide a better blend with less turbulent mixing. An APEC Mistcoater was installed with a close tolerance dual ribbon and paddle mixing conveyor. The horse breeder was invited back to evaluate the new coating system and feed. As soon as he saw the results, agreed to return as a customer.

Poultry Feed

A large poultry feed manufacturer was having clogging problems with their existing spray system applying fat to poultry pellets. This resulted in spotty coverage of the pellets and frequent rebuilding of the pumps. APEC provided a Mistcoater spray chamber to replace the existing spray nozzle system, work within the existing footprint, and minimize cost and installation. The result was an elimination of spotty coverage due to plugging problems, decreased down time, and maintenance in replacing or rebuilding pumps.

Aqua Feed

A large shrimp feeding operation was successful using certain types of ingredients. The ingredients had a high viscosity with a large amount of suspended solids...and they could not find an application system to accurately and reliably apply these ingredients to the feed. APEC developed a complete system from the storage tanks through the liquid application equipment, with extremely accurate metering systems. The customer commented, “This system allows me the maximum flexibility on the ingredients that I can coat onto our feeds. Since the species that we feed is quite small, at various life stages, we need a system that can uniformly coat a very small feed particle. It is important to us that each piece has a uniform coating. The Mistcoater system allows us to do this.”

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